Saturday, 1 October 2016

Picture This #371 ~ Stones Or Rocks

Ocean Floor Basalt: Big Sur, California.

Sedimentary Limestone: Blue Ridge Mountains Virginia (remote release selfie LOL)

Granite: Stream Bed, High Meadow, Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia.

Limestone: Jurassic Coast, World Heritage Site, Dorset, England.


  1. A good collection of rocks you have, very impressive. I particularly like the last one of the Dorset coastline, so real english for me - and could that perhaps be the Isle of Wight in the distance? I remember so well those paths I used to trek when I was a kid on holiday with mum and dad.

  2. love the Limestone coast and the Big Sur and saw the aged limestone in the Blue Ridge Mt. and your pics are superb

  3. Hi Baz!! Great selection of rocks for this week's theme. The California coast one is as impressive as I'd expect it to be. Second photo is a a super view out over Virginia....who's that strange bloke in the foreground?? LOL. Lovely shot of the stream in photo three. Looks very peaceful there. Fabulous capture of the Dorset coastline. No wonder it's a World Heritage site!!

  4. "All by myself - I wanna be - all by myself in this majestiv rocky seascape."

    "Top of the world, ma!" Beautiful shimmering Columbiablue veilclouded sky and majestic limegreentreed mountainslope.

    A stream runs through it.

    Stupendous and majestic rockshore.

  5. Hi, Barry, very nice set of pics. The stream in the Blue Ridge mountains makes me very homesick for Canada with the trees, the little waterfalls and the light dappling through. And of course the Jurassic coastline is magnificent.