Saturday, 8 October 2016

Picture This #372 ~ Look Up!!

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. A great theme, with lots of possibilities!!  I thought of so many different shots I could use, took me a while to choose which ones to use. I've gone for photos I don't think I've used previously. 

1) There's nothing quite like looking up at a grand old English Oak and seeing the sunlight filtering through the leaves.
Fine Old Oak 2

2) I saw this beautiful little Blonde Gibbon on a recent visit to Monkey World.
Gibbon 1

3) Zion National Park is a place where a lot of time is spent looking up.
Cliffs Of Zion 11

4) New York: Take a'll spend a lot of time looking up!!!
Glass Tower


  1. Mitch you out did yourself wonderful wonderful and cool banner

  2. Beautiful intricately intertwined branches and twigs of the tree and shimmering limegreen foliage

    "Im having some well-deserved me-time - so bugger off!"

    Truly majestic!

    Stupendous building

  3. Lovely banner photo of the little angel. I don't remember the last time I saw an oak tree, great capture. The monkey is probably very comfortable on his high perch. The National Park and New York are probably good places for high up photos and stiff necks.

  4. Fabulous English oak. I like how you got the gibbon hiding in the tree. The cliff is magnificent with the deep blue sky and clouds. Also the pine trres growing on top of it. New York also has magnificent cliffs, of steel and glass.