Friday, 2 June 2017

Picture This #404 ~ Roof Or Tree-Top High

Pat reporting from Switzerland with this weeks subject, which is becoming quite difficult. Again Friday evening as I really have no time on Saturday. I was going to choose roofs/rooves, not being sure of the correct plural word. Then I realised it is not everyone that walks around with a camera like me taking photos of various roof constructions, so I added Roofs/tree tops and will leave the rest to you.

I thought I would begin with this one, on the road to town. And it even has a tree top. We have many tiled roofs in our area.

Road to Langendorf 02.06 (5)

And this is on the other side of the main road in our village.
Estate Feldbrunnen 28.05.2017

This is a mysterious construction, but I believe the objects in the background are various sirens to warn us of things that might happen.
Road to Langendorf 02.06 (8)

And I really do not know what these are, but they were all sitting on a roof. My cat does wall watching and I do roof watching.
Bellach 22.05 (1)


  1. Hi Pat! Good theme for this week... Love your four shots... nice shape of the roof tiles... the chimneys are very different from ours... The top shot is my favourite for picturing roofs at different levels of height.

  2. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week. An interesting theme, should get some great shots. I like the tile-patterns in both of the first two photos. The objects on the roof in the third shot look rather like repeater-towers for mobile phone signals. The metallic objects in the final shot are, I believe, ventilation outlets.

    1. The candidate has top points for defining roof objects. I am sure. And a big thankyou for featuring my paraglider as banner. If I knew him I would tell him, but it was just a chance shot that he landed on the meadow in front of the bench where I was sitting.

  3. Up on the roof with the Four Tops come to mind.