Saturday, 24 June 2017

Picture This #407 ~ Light

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. A great theme, one that I never get tired of because light plays so important a part of photography and can make the difference between an ordinary photo and a special one. 

1) This is a shot I took a week ago, it's the one that inspired Benni to choose light as a theme. 
Leaflight 1

2) This shot was taken at Valley Of Fire, Nevada. Sunlight shining on a bush, seen through a hole in the sandstone rocks.
Nature's Window

3) Another one I took last week. A back-lit blue poppy. 
Backlit Blue Poppy 2

4) An old favourite of mine. I know I've posted it several times before, but it's just perfect for this theme. Back-lit waterfall in Zion National Park.
Sunlit Waterfall 1


  1. Hi Mitch love benni's theme and your banner is great
    love your shots especially the last one

  2. Beautiful shimmering limegreen blades of grass and the light playing upon them.

    Looks outerwordly

    Beautiful flower

    Utterly lovely shimmering lacecurtain of the fall lit up by the sun

  3. Wow, great shots. You already know I love the first one, such a simple subject, made sublime by the light shining through. The light on the bush in the sandstone is an imaginative and intriguing shot, so many contrasts. Great textures. Of course the blue poppy is exquisite; I love the hint of pink at the center. You can never post the waterfall to often for me, every element is captured to perfection.

  4. Like the back light on the leaves. The bush resembles a lamp in the surrounding rocks. Very good resonsnce on the blue poppy and the last photo reminds me so much of our streams falling from the rocks in the Bernese Overland, very well caught.

  5. Hi Mitch! I have no words to comment the beautiful photos you share with us on here. From the top to the bottom, I see beauty and art... wonderful!