Saturday, 17 June 2017

Picture This #406 ~ Dismantling/Demolition

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. An interesting theme, and one we definitely haven't done before. I had to hunt around in my archives for some shots for this theme, and then I couldn't get into my Flickr account!! Seems to be ok again now. 

1) This used to be a popular hotel in Tenby, here in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It was badly damaged in a fire and had to be demolished.
End Of An Era

The sea-cliffs, here in Pembrokeshire,Wales, are very slowly being demolished by the power of the ocean.
Power Of The Ocean 2

3) I saw this old shed/barn on a desert road in the middle of nowhere in the Mojave Desert. Looks like it's on it's last legs!!
Ramshackle 1

Time, the elements and war......all have contributed to the gradual dismantling of Llawhaden Castle, here in Wales.
Imposing Gatehouse 1


  1. Wonderful shots, Mitch! Sad about the hotel in Tenby, looks like everything was destroyed except the stone. Water will slowly demolish the sea cliffs but that's an awesome photo. The old barn in the Mojave is fascinating; a forlorn structure that probably last much longer. I love your capture of Llawhaden Castle! Set against the blue sky I can see the once grand windows, the dark rooms and the moss on the remaining stones. Interesting angle too.

  2. Beautiful in its decrepitude

    Majestic cliffs

    Mitch "One-Decrepid-Shed" Rushton

    Majestic old castle ruin

  3. Shame about the hotel, but a photographer's delight, at least I think so. The cliffs look quite forbidding - be ready for the prize shot when they eventually crumble.Like the disintegrating barn - wonder who built it and for what? Wales seems to be a country of castles and very imposing. Like the angle you took for the shot, has some good depth.

  4. hi Mitch
    wow love your shots on this cool theme
    the erosion and the old barn and love the last one