Saturday, 10 June 2017

Picture This #405 ~ Warm/Warmth

Greetings everyone!! This is Mitch and I'll be hosting this week. Before we get to the theme, can I just remind you that because this is such a small group everyone should make an effort to comment on everyone else's entries. Please try to make these  more than just 'nice pic' type comments as well. I tried to find a theme we haven't done before, and I believe this one hasn't been done before. The theme is 'Warm/Warmth'. Anything you think looks warm or portrays warmth. Looking forward to your entries!!

1) The warm colours of this opening Xerochrysum flower.
Xerochrysum Opening 1

2) This Ocelot was enjoying a nap in the warmth of the summer sun.
Ocelot 2

3) These flowers are called 'Red Hot Pokers', but they only look warm to me!!
Red Hot

4) This Eider Duck was finding the weather too warm. She was keeping her eyes closed and breathing through her open beak a little like a dog panting. 
Eider Duck 5


  1. Beautiful brilliant saffron/cinammon/darkpink of the petals

    Beautiful intricate pattern of black, brown and white

    Good hair day

    Wonderful macro of the duck

  2. Hi Mitch wow love your theme and thanks for my banner
    love your pics the first one oh la la wonderful wow
    the warm cuddley soft sleeping in the sun great
    like anders said the next is a good hair day lol
    love your close up duckie

  3. Great theme and wonderful pix. The warmth of your top flower is splendid. I think here we call them strawflowers. Such peace in the magnificently detailed Ocelot picture. My favorite is the Red Hot Pokers with the purple posies behind. Very unusual shot of the duck; rare to see them cooling off that way.

  4. The first flower is sending out warm rays very well. Cats, no matter how big, always find a place in the sun to soak up the warmth. I love red hot pokers and have one in the garden, in England I often saw them at the seaside.Very nice duck relaxing in the sun.

  5. Hi Mitch! Your interpretations of the theme are very interesting... No doubt, looking at the first shot we feel warmth, while the expressions of the two animals convey to the viewer a warmth coming from inside them... the colour of the Red Hot Pokers is warm in them all, as always..