Saturday, 10 June 2017

Picture This #405 ~ Warm/Warmth

Greetings all, I am just up and looking at the ruins of my garden, wilting in very warm and dry weather and being eaten by insects. So this seems like a perfect theme.

Bench in sun
A nice spot for coffee on a warm morning.

A warm pool for an evening swim.

Warm colors of the sunset.


  1. Hi benni love all your shots
    the bench is so wonderful
    love the pool ah on a warm evening lovely
    the evening sky so warm

  2. Beautiful workmanship of the bench

    Looks wonderful pool

    Utterly lovely shimmering goldstrains in the prussianblue clouds

  3. Hi Benni !! Three wonderful shots for the theme. Lovely old bench, just right for sitting out and enjoying the sun. Is it yours? Nice pool, I assume it's where you stayed in Florida most recently? When you said 'for an evening swim' I was reminded of the REM song 'Nightswimming'. Love those glowing embers of the day as the twilight sets in.

  4. warm wood on a bench in the sun, nice warming pool in the evening, and wondeful warm colours of the sunset.

  5. Thank you all, and yes, the pool and the bench are all in my Florida home. :-)

  6. Hi Benni! Three beautiful shots for the theme... Love them all but the top one is my favourite... why?... looking at it, my mind starts wondering and wandering...

    1. Yes, my mind wanders when I am on that bench as well. Thank you.