Saturday, 3 June 2017

Picture This #404 ~ Roof Or Tree-Top high

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. An interesting theme that has many possible interpretations, so we should get a good selection of shots!!

1) To see the rooftops of Manhattan, you have to go really high!!
Lookdown 2

2) A slightly different angle with this's the inside of the roof of Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England.
Tower Ceiling 3

3) A classic British chimney!!
Chimney 1

4) This English country house has a large roof with many chimneys!!
Country House 1


  1. That is a great view of the rooftops of Manhatten. I was too much of an amateur photographer when I was in New York. Wimkbourne Minster has great colours, but above them all I love those english chimney pots, they are so unique and I get a little bit of longing, but only a little bit. Can't beat a stately home for chimeys.

  2. Hi Mitch! Love the variety of your shots, awesome ones as always. Unfortunately, I could never take the top photo as I suffer from vertigo. Love the geometric stained glass ceiling of the Minster, while the chimneys are nice in their simplicity. What a beautiful country house!