Saturday, 24 June 2017

Picture This #407 ~ Light

Welcome to Picture This!!
Wonderful banner shot by Mitch of the sea slowly but ever so surely demolishing the stone cliff. Actually it was another picture of Mitch's (you can see it on FB; the backlit grass) that inspired this week's theme: Light.  Light is such a basic element of our picture-making that we often don't think about it. Backlight, direct light, reflected light and so forth are what we use to make our photographs.
Here are mine:

Stone doves
Evening light kisses these two stone doves.

Light behind the leaves.

Light on the windows of a building.

Back window
A picture shot in very low light.


  1. Beautiful capture of the lovebirds in shade and light

    Wonderful shot of the leaf

    Great shot of the building

    Beautiful shimmmering azureblue leaves against the paleyellow of the lit up windows.

  2. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, one I really enjoy. I really like the play of shadow and light on your 'kissy' doves. I love the second shot, it's a type I take often. The patterns created by the shadows of other leaves on the 'subject' leaf are fabulous. Nice patterns on the windows of the building. The low light in the final shot has created a blue-ish tinge that contrasts nicely with the soft light coming from the window.

  3. hi benni love your theme
    your shots are all wonderful and yes light is the a+o to photography

  4. The dove photo is really romantic with the light effect. The leaves have good outlines caused by the light and the window patterns are perfect for such a photo. the light in the blue shade in the evening is a very good capture on the leaves.

  5. Hi Benni! Thanks for the choice of theme. The light in the first shot enhances the kiss of the romantic pair... love it! The light in the second shot is so beautiful that it gives an illusion of a larger quantity of leaves... Interesting! Very good symmetry in the third shot and the bottom shot is my favourite... love the mysterious feel!