Monday, 12 June 2017


Congratulations, Heidi, for the beautiful banner image! 
Thanks, Mitch, for the excellent theme! 

The photos below depict my interpretation of the theme.
I'll be back tomorrow to drop my comments on your photos.
Meantime, may you all have a good week. 





  1. Hi Belita!! Wonderful photos for this week's theme. The warmth of the light in the first shot is almost magical. Is it some kind of art exhibition? I can almost smell the warm bread as it comes out of the oven in the second shot. A fan is always a relief when the weather is too warm. The last shot shows the warmth of a lifetime together. Very special.

    1. Thanks, Mitch, for your kind comment. I took it at a design exhibition that was held at a Museum where I work as a volunteer.

  2. Very nice warm ocher

    Im sure the bread is delicious

    Wonderful shots of the two ladies and the older couple.

  3. Such a wonderful glow in your first picture! Like Mitch said, magical. Love the handsome young man making bread and the two beautiful ladies fanning themselves in the warmth. And a perfect picture of a couple walking in the warm evening. So nice that they are holding hands.

  4. wow belita wonderful wonderful
    the oven feel the warmth and I can smell the aroma
    the lady's fanning them selves superb
    the warmth between the couple I can feel it and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling

  5. The first photo is a good study in photography with the light reflections on the paper. An excellent action photo of the bread oven, a very good idea for a photo. Portuguese ladies with their fans cooling down is a good action photo And look, it could be me and Mr. Swiss taking a walk.