Friday, 16 June 2017

Picture This #406 ~ Dismantling/Demolition

I had a surprising number of pictures for this theme. But I whittled it down to four.

Old barn
Wooden barn being demolished by the elements.

A backhoe dismantling our front lawn to put in an improved underground cable.

More noisy machinery demolishing a building at Caspersen Beach. This was an old changing house. The new changing house is on stilts up 3 stories high, too much for me to climb after a day in the sun, so I don't use it.

I know I have posted this before. This is my neighbor's shed after a tree fell through the roof. They sawed it partly off and then removed the whole thing. I never liked this shed so I was just as glad which I am sure is wicked of me.


  1. Benni love all your shots and wow the last one what a fall that tree took

  2. Wonderful photos for the theme. :D "good riddance" then

  3. Hi Benni !! A great set of shots for Anders' theme. Those old barns do make for good photographic subjects. A shame they are left to decay though. Great action-shot of the digger. I hope they put your lawn back the way they found it!!! Another good capture of the changing-house being demolished. What you've said about the new one that replaced it shows that new isn't necessarily better!! i remember that last shot, and it's a good one!! Are you sure you didn't push the tree over yourself to get rid of the shed?? LOL.

  4. I love those action shots of demolishing. We do not seem to have old barns here, probably already disappeared. Building machines always make a good theme for a shot and it is interesting to see how different countries deal with it. The red netting in your photo seems to be an international design - we also have it here.