Saturday, 24 June 2017


Congratulations, Mitch, for the banner image that I really like. Love the light and the 'sound' of the waves striking against the cliff...

At a  handicrafts fair (Portugal)

 Higher Institute of Agronomy (Lisbon)LIGHT

At a hotel in Santiago Compostela - Spain (formerly a monastery) LIGHT


  1. Interesting photos from the fair caught in the sun's reflections. Good play of light in the corridor and the shadows on the steps in the last photo.

  2. Hi, Belita! Such lovely warm light in your first picture, and nice texture contrast too. In your hallway picture, I love how one chair is turned and catches the light. Quite a masterful picture. How inviting that staircase is, gorgeous shadows and a warm glow atop.

  3. Pretty lantern and wonderful bulbous flasks

    Wonderful perspective and capture of the light from the windows

    Serene shot!

  4. Hi Belita!! Three wonderful photos for this week's theme, all great light-studies. I very much like how the sunlight is acting as a spotlight on the subjects of the first shot. The second and thirds shots are both perfect examples of the play of light and shadow wherever there are windows. I like the perspective of the second and the atmosphere of the third.

  5. hi belita love your shots especially the first one it is like a wonderful oil painting