Saturday, 17 June 2017

Picture This #406 ~ Dismantling/Demolition

Wonderful banner picture from Belita, loved this when I first saw it. Thanks for hosting Anders.

I live in a demolished, dismantled world at the moment as our block of apartments is being completely renovated and naturally I am constantly taking photos. At the moment I have 5-600 photos so have a small problem choosing which photos to show here. I will not title them individually as they are self explanatory.
Renovation 02.05 (12)

Renovation 23.05 (7)

Renovation 04.'5 (23)

Renovation 12.06 (2)

Renovation 03.05 (8)

And a normal scene from my window when the workmen are balancing on the scaffolding.


  1. Great shots of the process and - :D you do have a room with a view - but not of the Arno.

  2. Hi Pat!! I suspected that you might have many shots for this theme, given the work going on in and around your apartment block!! A very good selection of different types of 'dismantling' of the old, unwanted exterior of the building. Looking at the final shot, I would say that something is a-foot!! LOL.

  3. Hi Pat, great shots. Living in a house that is being remodeled is difficult but also interesting. Your last photo is just great! A unique perspective!