Saturday, 10 June 2017

Picture this #405 ~ Warm/Warmth

Congratulations Heidi on the super banner photo and thanks for hosting Mitch.

Meet Fuzzy, my friends little dog. He always has this warm shoe on his foot as it is one of his weak points. She adopted him from an organisation that rehome stray dogs. He was found wandering the streets of Croatia and was flown into Switzerland for his new home.

One of our builders was warming something up with this flame for sealing the isolation.
Blow Torch

There is nothing like a pan of chilli con carne for warming you up.
Chilli con carne


  1. Hi Pat! What an adorable little dog and a heart-warming story to go with him. Absolutely charming. Love your flame picture; so many different textures. And many different tastes in your bowl of chili. Looks quite good.

  2. hi Pat love your warm dog and your workers fire warm lol
    and chilli is always warm

  3. Sweet little dog.

    Great shot of the flame

    That looks hot!

  4. Hi Pat !! Super shots for this week's theme!! Awww... that's such a sweet-looking dog in the first shot. What a shame he has to wear that shoe. Is it an injury he got when wandering the streets before being rescued? I hope the builder didn't set fire to anything he shouldn't have with that flame-thrower (well, it looks like a flame-thrower!!). That chilli sure looks good.....except for the white beans. I like the red beans, but not the white ones.

  5. Hi Pat! Thanks for the explanation... lucky dog, even if he has that foot problem... Love the flame that I presume didn't smell good, in opposition to the delicious chilli con carne that I really like having in Winter...