Saturday, 24 June 2017

Picture This #407 ~ Light

Thanks for hosting Benni, and a very good banner photo by Mitch

A view on the Jura by sundown, on my way home from an evening walk.
Feldbrunnen village 10 (8)

I caught the light shining through our sun blind on the porch with the reflection of the bush in the garden.
Shadows 27.05 (2)

Looking through the scaffolding from the window in the sunlight.
Renovation 20.04 (28)

The River Aare reflecting in the sun.
River Aare 11.06.2017


  1. What lovely pictures of light! Your shot of the clouds over the mountains is very nice and has several different elements and values of light. Love the shadows and sun in the next two, also the lines in them. And wonderful reflections in the Aare!

  2. Beautiful iridescent platinum sun and dovegrey/prussianblueclouded sky

    Wonderful capture

    Beautiful shot of the light through the scaffolding

    Serene and wonderful shot of the river.

  3. Hi Pat !! Great shots for Benni's theme. The contrasts in the first shot are fabulous, with one half of the sky sunny and the other half full of dark dramatic clouds. Great capture of the silhouette of the bush against the sun-blind. Again, the contrast in the third shot is what stands out....the hard artificial metallic shapes in the foreground and the soft natural shapes in the background. Lovely reflections in your final shot.

  4. Hi Pat! Love the four shots you share on here with us. From the top to the bottom I see beauty, creativity and art...

  5. hi Pat lovely shots of light see your scaffolding is something usable for something good
    love the River Aare