Saturday, 12 October 2013

Picture This #221 ~ Memories Of Summer

Not a lot of butterflies around this year, but now and again one made a visit for a photo shoot. I think this is called a fritillery.
Fritellary Butterfly

It was the Summer for Nera's special hair cut, performed under anaesthetic by Monsieur vet. She was not amused, but now almost looks again like her normal self.
Nera the cat had a haircut

And the pansies flowered in the local town park.
Pansy Baseltor


  1. Hi Pat, great pictures! Yes, poor Nera looks unhappy but she will get over it. Stunning shot of the yellow butterfly on the purple flower, very nice capture.

  2. Hi Pat!! Three lovely shots for the theme. Beautiful butterfly shot, I think you are correct with the name. Don't let Nera read this, but I'm still smiling at that photo of her. It looks like the wrong head and legs were stuck on the body!! LOL. Lovely shot of the pansy.

  3. Beautiful butterfly.

    "Im cold and tired and I dont like this haircut at all."

    Utterly lovely flower.

  4. hi pat it seems that butterflies were in all our summer memories. I was to post one of them too. cheerio

  5. I didn't see many butterflies this year, either. Sad. Your Fritillery is very pretty!

    Awwww, Nera does not look very happy there. Maybe she's wishing she were on the dance floor dancing to "apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur, got the whole crowd lookin at her".

    Love the pansy. Such elegant little flowers.

  6. Very pretty shot of the butterfly... Nera looks as if missing her beautiful hair coat... Nice pansy...

  7. Poor Nera doesn't look happy. Nice shot of the pansy. Beautiful colors on the fritillery.