Saturday, 19 October 2013

Picture This #222 ~ Windows

First of all congratulations Belita for such a wonderful header with the dragon fly. 

Generally my attachment to windows is cleaning them, but it is always soothing to take a photo of a window I do not have to clean. So here we go.

This is one of those spur of the moment shots I made when shopping in the local town of Solothurn. I found the construction of the metal over the window combined with the closed blinds interesting. Wish I had more time to get the window completely in the frame of the photo.

Window in Solothurn

This window is one of my favourite windows. I drive pass every time I go to the local supermarket. The little figures are always there, It is the top window in a three story house.
Ornaments on a window, Weissensteinstr. Solothurn

4 o'clock in the morning in hospital and you cannot sleep. Flashing lights from outside, so you struggle to the window (with the camera of course) just in time to catch a helicopter landing on the helicopter place. The patient was afterwards transported on a stretcher and put on a gurney where he was wheeled into the hospital. Not very good quality, but in spite of my broken arm I was successful.
Helicopter landing hospital Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat!! Three great takes on the theme. Interesting first shot. They certainly don't want anything or anyone getting in that window, including light!! I love those little figures on the window-sill in the second shot. I didn't realise what the third shot was til I read your description...then it was obvious!!! LOL.

  2. Hi Pat, three very interesting shots. I also am fascinated by the lines and angles of the first. Very nice photograph. The second is the epitome of European charm; I would give anything to have those cherubs outside my window. And good for you to take your camera to the hospital! (Hope you are healing well.) What a splendid capture of the helicopter. Great timing and presence of mind.

  3. A good variety of windows. What a pretty grate on the top window.The middle is my favorite, mainly for the cherubs :)Great capture on the last shot...hope the patient made it OK

  4. great stories to fit the pictures I like that! I absolutely love the little angels on the window...(my favorite picture of those three)

  5. Beautiful ironwork

    Lovely architectural details.

    Looks ominous.

  6. hi pat, lovely pics and the middle one is fantastic with all those "amorini" perched over there

  7. Three excellent shots, Pat! The 2nd window shot is lovely... how cute those six little angels are...

  8. Hi Pat, these three are great for this theme. The last shot is like photojournalism. I like your attempt to record the helicopter on the helipad.
    My favorite is the second image with the angels on the sill.That photo has great architectural details.