Sunday, 6 October 2013

Picture This #220 ~ At A Distance

I took all of these this morning: 

The path to the beach

I wouldn't mind living in one of those......

Especially since this is the view.......


  1. Hi Danette!! Three freshly-taken shots for the theme, I love it!! I want to run up that path and get on the beach!! Which ones do you want to live in? The modern buildings to the right? What a stunning view they have!! Looks like a storm coming in from the left in that last shot.

    1. I'd rather live in a little tiny cottage on the beach...

  2. The path goes ever and ever on down from the tree where it began.

    Beautiful beach houses

    Lovely surf

  3. Danette, three lovely pictures, I especially love the first with the beckoning path. The colors are magnificent and I love the leaning pine in the foreground.

  4. What a lovely path to take to go to the beach, brings back my holiday memories. The second is interesting, but live there - no - too modern and it spoils the surroundings. The third is fantastic, can almost hear the water receiding over the sand.

  5. Three very nice shots, Danette! It seems to be a long path until it opens out to the beach...
    Love the contrast of the houses and the the apartment buildings in the 2nd shot. I don't think I would like to live in any of those, permanently. My favourite is the third... very good composition... the sky, the light and the waves striking the sandy shore...

  6. these are wonderful love the beach