Saturday, 12 October 2013

Picture this #221 ~ Memories Of Summer

Bandy with his favorite blanket & AD(my fav) magazine.

 (click on pics to enlarge)

I'll be missing this beautiful green, soon.

These cute little guys are abundant in Prospect Park.

Artichoke and company

The prettiest sunflowers I've ever seen.

bursting with color 


  1. Really beautiful photos, especially the little critters (and the big critter of course). Lovely colours reflected in the flowers and plants.

  2. Incredible pictures, my second favorite is the wonderful chipmunk!! My favorite favorite is the artichoke with buggy friend, looks so exotic! Oh and I love the sunflowers too, actually I love them all.

  3. Hi Debby !!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme!! Bandy looks cosy on his blanket reading your mag. Lovely verdant shot of the trees. I love the shot of the 'Chippie', they're so cute and funny :-)) Great shot of the artichoke and it's little visitor. Those sunflowers are real 'wowsers' and the dahlia in the last shot is just stunning!!

  4. Lovely shot of the attentive dog. Awfully cute little squirrel. Love the little wasp on the petal. Exquisite flower shots.

  5. hi debby lovely pics. the squirrel is fantastic, the artichokes so vivid that I was to touch them.

  6. Beautiful shots, Deb! Very nice composition in the first shot... Pretty hues of green in the second... awesome shot of the squirrel ... The company of the artichoke enhances the beauty of the 4th shot... Perhaps those sunflowers are hybrid ones... Gorgeous colour of that dahlia...

  7. Beautiful photos, Debby. I like your photo of Bandy on his blanket. Beautiful colors of the sunflower and is that a dahlia? The photo of the artichoke is sharp. Good photo of the squirrel. They're so skittish. How did you compose a shot?