Saturday, 12 October 2013

Picture This #221 ~ Memories Of Summer

Marvelous banner, Danette, truly a beautiful shot. Many of my best summer pictures I have already posted, but each of these brings back a nice memory for me of a summer soon to be past.

Geraniums in sun
Geraniums in the late evening sun

Butterfly in bronze and blue

Salad with bread and herbs
Fresh herbs in an olive salad

White flower
Lacy white flower with sly camouflaged spider - I didn't see it until just now.


  1. Hi Benni !! Fabulous selection of shots for the theme. Nice geranium in the first shot. I'd forgotten there are 'trailing' geraniums like this, I usually only see ground-cover geraniums here. Fantastic shot of the butterfly, great details. That salad looks really yummy!! Those white spiders are quite adept at staying hidden. I found one in one of my flower macro shots when it was on the computer but I hadn't noticed it when I was taking the shot. Good job on keeping all the tiny white flowers in focus,too. Not always that easy to do.

  2. Love the butterfly and the flower. Looks really delish. Exquisite and sweet little flowers.

  3. hi benni love your salad it seems so Italian like. the butterfly is lovely

  4. Very pretty shots of the geranium and butterfly, Benni.

    The salad looks scrumptious! I love the bowl. So unusual, I'm crazy about pottery pieces. I used to have a huge collection, but I gave it up. lol, was collection crazy at one time. Glass, angels, Hallmark coffee cups, etc...

    I had to do a close inspection of the lacy white flowers before I could find the spider. It's always nice to find that extra little something in your photo, isn't it? I love photographing bugs and spiders and such.

  5. grrrr... I hate it when I make typos. That should be " So unusual." no comma : ) sorry

  6. Beautiful shots. Love the butterfly and the olive salad looks very tempting.

  7. Wow... great shots, Benni! If you hadn't mentioned the spider, I wouldn't have noticed it. Interesting finding... perhaps it's a species called chameleon spider... The butterfly would make a beautiful brooch, don't you think? Love that bowl and the salad in it is very well presented and looks delicious...