Saturday, 19 October 2013

Picture This #222 ~ Windows

First I have to say that Belita's red dragonfly is a wonderful banner shot for this week. I believe the theme was "Memories of Summer" and the dragonfly is a perfect symbol for a summer that has been beautiful but has now flown away.

Evening light
The last light of evening through my front door window.

Port Huron bound
The train is called the Blue Water special, going from Chicago to Toronto.

1963 Corvette
I know I have posted this before, but I couldn't resist the split rear window 1963 Corvette, the car of my husband's dreams.


  1. Hi Benni !! Three great shots for this week's theme :-)) I love the 'last light of evening' shot. It has a mystical quality. Nice shot through the train window. I don't mind at all that you've posted the third photo before!! I love the classic Corvette!! One of the all-time great cars.

  2. Love the brilliantly lit window in the first. Really cool car window shot and the double pane rear of the old car.

  3. 3 very unique shots. The first is very interesting catching the sun's rays. and train windows are always so adventurous, you never know what you might see. The third is a sweet photo, bringing back the glory of the good old cars.

  4. The first shot is my favorite. It really draws the eye in.
    I love riding on a train (if it is under 5 hours lol) a fun photo.
    Your husband has good taste in automobiles! I love the rear windows on this one.

  5. three very good pictures, I must admit the middle one is my favorite, i like the colors and the movement in it...

  6. Very cool photos, Benni! The simplicity off the 1st one makes it a very interesting photo. I like travelling by train and the second shot depicts very well the attitude of someone who goes on a train journey... Pleased to see the third photo, again!

  7. Benni, I love these photos. I love the shot of your front door window. The photo of the passenger looking out the window leads the viewer to create a story. The Corvette photo is the best.