Saturday, 19 October 2013

Picture This #222 ~ Windows

What we see out of mostly in our lifetime.

Always looking to see what is on the other side. Like looking out a car window driving through Las Vegas. Set the camera to multi exposures and see what you come up with. Or anywhere for that matter.

Then we do find us outside looking in at times. Specially when what we can't get in to see has windows.


  1. Good idea with the first photo - you have caught the reflection well. Las Vegas - the dream of every window photographer, very impressive. I love the photo of the ghost you caught unawares just next to the photo on the wall. Very good - I think he was just materialising. Such a great atmosphere on the photo.

  2. Hi Randall!! Really good shots for this week's theme. Cool first shot, certainly a different way of taking a self-portrait!! I love the second shot, but that's coz I love Vegas. Three out of the last four vacations have started/finished in Vegas. That third shot looks kinda spooky.

  3. What a striking set of photos! I love the first one, capturing both you, and your house, and perhaps a woman's arm? Perfect way to capture the glitz and busy-ness of Las Vegas in the second. The final one is also intriguing, looking in to a quiet room from years past. To me it is wistful and mysterious.

  4. A great perspective. I like your take on windows...I never thought about it quite like that

  5. three very original takes on the theme!

  6. I looked at shots with windows, but then thought of what the view really meant to me. As you can see, maybe not what others thought. But hey that is the window into my pea brain. Views we might not expect.
    I did just post some great shots of mushrooms, if you didn't see them. Check them out if you have time and may be interested.

  7. Cool reflection

    Beautiful lighting.

    The Unknown is visiting.

  8. Randall, you have taken this images to a great artistic expression. These not only show a subject they express a vision.