Saturday, 26 October 2013

Picture This #223 ~ Yellows And Golds

Hi, this is Benni, your host for this week. I will start by saying what a smashing banner photo we have this week by Randall.  Extraordinary shot.

For a theme this week I have chosen "Yellows and Golds".  Yellow is my favorite color, in its many hues from delicate lemon yellows to oranges and even gold.

There is also a bonus photo opportunity this week, strictly optional.  Many of us are celebrating Halloween or All Hallow's Eve this October 31st. This is a chance to put up a spooky picture or even kids or grandkids in Halloween costumes. Have fun. Here are mine:

Leaves behind shed
Leaves that need to be raked up - or just left.


Shadows from the late evening sun

A spooky pumpkin


  1. Hi Benni !! Great theme you have chosen, perfect for the autumn season, but also for looking back at summer, too!! And a great idea for the 'Halloween' bonus!! Love the Fall colours in the first shot, don't rake them up....leave 'em!! Lovely sunflowers in the second shot. The late evening shadows is my fave, simple but beautiful composition. Scary pumpkin to finish with.......wooooooooooowhhhh!!!

  2. Hi Benni! Excellent set of photos for your great choice of theme... I really like it! The top photo is a perfect illustration of our current season.... the sunflowers bring me memories of bright summer days ... the shadows are very artistically captured and the pumpkin scares me a lot... The shadows photo is my favourite for its simplicity....

  3. Love the leaves in the first shot, great study in still leaf life. Sunflowers a welcome flower photo, they look great. A very clever catch in the evening sun. We do not do halloweeen in Switzerland so i will pass on that one.

  4. Beautiful autumn nature shot and sun-flowers. Love the shadowplay. "Hehe - Im coming to take you away,"

  5. The theme works wonders. LOL I love it. The first shot, is what I woke up to and have been dealing with today. Rake, move and burn. But all behind me now. Pardon the pun. Now thinking in living color and where I should head out too and be able to capture some yellow and gold of the fall.

    Also thanks for my Picture being added as the banner this week. I almost didn't post that one thinking everyone would think I had lost my mind.

    1. Then again I was in Vegas, so might have been a bit twisted. LOL

  6. THe pumpkin shot inspires me. I was supposed to do mine tonight, but after mulching all the fruit trees, I decided to put it off until tomorrow morning.

  7. hi benni thanks for the theme you chose this week. love your pics especially the first one which depicts a season we don't have in this part of italy where it is always very warm.