Saturday, 26 October 2013

Picture This #223 ~ Yellows And Golds

Hi Benni and thanks for hosting this week with a great theme.

At the moment we are being spoilt with sunsets in all colours. I caught this one yesterday evening, a view from the garden.

Twilight in Feldbrunnen

I caught this display of sunflowers on our Autumn Saturday morning market in the town of Solothurn

I thought I would do a double whammy (or whatever it is called) on this one. A bee perched on a marigold.
Bee in Marigold


  1. Hi Pat!! Wonderful sunset with the trees in dark silhouette! Your sunflowers are very beautiful and I like how you have composed the shot. And your double whammy is a stunner!! That is a fabulous shot with the orange-yellow marigold and the bee looking like a jewel. The contrast with the dark green sets it off nicely.

  2. Hi Pat!! Three wonderful shots for Benni's theme!! Lovely sunset in the first shot, you got both yellow AND gold in it!! Wonderful collection of sunflowers in the second shot. My fave has to be the third shot.....a beautiful macro of both flower and bee!! Don't you think bees always look like they're wearing sunglasses? LOL.

    1. It is a Swiss bee, so it probably wears the glasses when it flies over the Alps to protect it from the glare of the snow.

  3. Love the soft pastel yellow sky. Beautiful sunflowers and incredible macro shot.

  4. Beautiful silhouettes against that gorgeous sky in the first photo... So many sunflowers in the second, all giving a morning greeting to shoppers... The last one is very special, indeed! Awesome capture of a Swiss bee's visit to the marigold....

  5. THe swiss bee must get into skiing too then. NIce. Love the sunset. I have watched so many go by this week at work and wished I had my camera. But will get another chance in time, I hope. Your sunflowers are great. I have gone to shoot so many this summer only to find them drab and colorless. Yours are popping with yellow and look awesome.

  6. hi pat, cool shots but the last one is the coolest