Monday, 21 October 2013


First of all, thanks for the congratulations on the dragonfly for the new banner... 

This is one of the windows made out of cork that you can see on the façade of a tea-room at a Natural Park, in Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

Perhaps the window of a homesick Chinese (Lisbon)
window-Chinese parasols

During restoration works on a 14th century tavern, workers discovered a group of Gothic styled windows on the façade. The incised decorations above the centre window depict a Red Cross on a white background. This is an indication that the building was once the headquarters to the Order of the St. George Knights (Hainburg an der Donau - Austria)


  1. Wonderful idea.

    "Romeo, Romeo, whert art thou, Romeo?"

    Wonderful facade.

  2. hi belita, first of all congratulations for your your pic which became pic of the week. comin' to this week's pics I say that I love yours and particularly the last one. adieu

  3. Three great shots of some beautiful windows!

  4. Hi Belita!! Three fabulous shots for the theme. I love that first one, so unusual!! I've never seen cork windows before. The second shot might indeed be the home of homesick Chinese people, but it might just be someone who likes Chinese parasols!! The third shot is really interesting with a fascinating historical connection.

  5. Hi, Belita! A window of cork, how interesting!! I like the angle you took it from. The window with the Chinese umbrellas is a bit melancholy but also a nice shot. Your third is my favorite, with a fascinating story to go along with a magnificent capture.

  6. three gorgeous photos! wow great pictures of great places, bravo

  7. The third photo is so interesting, the discovery of the old windows. The middle photo is a good composition, with a bit of everything. The first is a good shot, something completely different.

  8. Belita, you shared a treasure of unusual windows. They're great for this theme.