Friday, 4 October 2013

Picture This #220 ~ At A Distance

Hello, Gruetzi, Bonjour, Olá, Servus, bon giorno from Switzerland.

I just noticed that we have that super photo from Anders as the Banner this week. Great choice.

Here we go again, this week's title (after many sleepless nights trying to find something we have not yet had) is At A Distance. You can interpret it as you wish, but please no pictures from the first man on the moon.

I was at the local railway station and had time so took a few shots This is looking over the railway connection, direction Zürich

Clouds over Solothurn Station

An advatage of a hospital stay in our Solothurn hospital is the views you have, especially if you happen to have your camera with you (as I always do)
View South from Solothurn hospital

A view across The River Thames at Rainham in LondonRiver Thames at Rainham, London


  1. Love the choice of the theme, Pat! Awesome three shots that seem to leave me space to believe that I am there, especially in the case of the second shot that's my favourite....

  2. Wonderful shot of the railway station. Love the irridescent green and faded yellow of the field and the pastel blue of the sky.

  3. Hi Pat!!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! I really like the theme, it gives many possible interpretations. Good shot of the railway station with the beautiful summer sky above it. Love that second shot. I don't think I've ever seen such a lovely view from a hospital window!! Over here they are usually in the middle of a town or city. Very good third shot. It looks industrial, but the light lends it a peaceful atmosphere. It also gave me the idea for my shots for this week!!

  4. A perfect theme Pat and 3 wonderful captures to set us going;)

  5. hi pat nice theme and lovely pics that you chose to post .

  6. Great theme, Pat, wonderful pictures. My favorite is the one in the middle; the greens and golds of the hills are simply beautiful. Love how you have captured it.

  7. A good idea for the theme Pat. I like the contrast of nature and man in the top one. Not everyone has a hospital view like that, but they should! I like the color of the sky and the clouds even more than the famous river :)

  8. Great theme, Pat. It's so hard coming up with something new. I've been a bit under the weather so my photos are from last year.

    Nice shots. I especially love the really green one from the hospital window.