Monday, 14 October 2013

PICTURE THIS #221 ~ Memories Of Summer by Marianne

Hello everyone, popping in very fast to give you some summer pictures. We are having fantastic warm blue summer skies at the moment. Someone forgot to give us Spring and plunged us straight past winter into it. Could use some rain though, lots of promising thunder clouds around but alas they pass with just a couple of drops. Extremely dry here on The Highveld at the moment, the humidity is down to 20, the temps are up to 26 - 32 deg C, though the barometer is sitting at 1010, not a sign of a rain cloud in sight.

 My summers are Lazy swims in the pool:

Summer Swims

Lovely Grill afternoons:
  Summer 1

Darling husband doing the cooking:
Summer Grills

  Flowering Jacarandas:
 Summer Jacaranda

Sundowners up on Northcliff Hill with my world at my bare feet:Summer on Hill

All taken yesterday , Sunday 13th October 2013 in Fairlands, Johannesburg.


  1. First a bit of dinner and then, after an hour's wait, a dip in the pool.

    While you're looking on and taking photos :D

    Beautiful tree and majestic view

  2. Hi Marianne!! Oh, how I wish it was still summer here!! I's love a dip in your pool, the water looks lovely. Even more lovely is that grill food!!! Yummy!!! I'd love to tuck into that!! Looks like Russ is happy enough there. Give us men a grill and some meat, and we're away!!! LOL. That's a lovely Jacaranda tree, and the evening light on the hill is beautiful.

  3. Lovely pictures, Marianne! I especially like the Jacaranda, which also grows in Florida but I have never seen one that big. Fabulous shot with the red brick fence and greens behind it. Wish I could join you in the pool.

  4. Very nice memories of your summer, Marianne! Love the jacaranda tree... in May, we have them in full blossom...

  5. lovely shots my fav is the one of food on the table. ciao

  6. Lovely summer memories, Marianne.

    I especially love the Jacaranda tree. There was one or two close to my hometown in Georgia. They are so beautiful in bloom.

  7. Some lovely photos there. The food looks very inviting and so does the pool. those jacaranda trees are really something special and I just love the endless distance shown in the view from the hill.