Thursday, 10 October 2013

Picture This #220 ~ At A Distance Part #2

I had to add another couple. Here is a mural on the movie house in Ephrata WA.

You do have to be at a distance to get the complete feel of the picture. 
Thinking of the day

Sometimes we need to be careful and keep things at a distance, like when blowing glass. Stand at a distance for your own safety or lose some hair.
glass blowing


  1. Wonderful piece of art. Great shot of the maker in action

  2. Hi Randall !! Good to see you posting a couple more shots :-)) Love that piece of art, really cool!! I'll keep an even greater distance....and let someone else do the glass-blowing!!! LOL.

  3. Love the first one, the colours are fantastic, they really jump at you. Very good action photo of the glass maker.

  4. Great mural and fascinating picture of the glass blower! I have some pieces of blown glass, will be all the more respectful of them.