Thursday, 27 March 2014

Picture This #243 ~ Flower Power

Flower Power.

Still waiting for them to pop out here in Eastern Washington. It won't be long now though. I can see the green buds, and the tree sap is starting to drip from the branches.

So taking a trip around the old files and trying to pull ones I have not used before. I am sure most of these have been seen at one time or another, maybe from a different frame or file from the same shoot.






  1. Wonderful shots, Randall. I haven't seen these before. I live the sculpture of the mama bear and cubs. So realistic! That's something I would love to see in real life, but from a safe distance!

    The hummingbird and the pink (salvia?)flowers is my favorite! But I love the old boat as a flower bed. What a wonderful idea! And that rose is just gorgeous!

  2. Thank you. I was a late bloomer with this weeks post, again. He he

  3. Hi Randall !! Better late than never, says I !! Wonderful shot's for Debby's theme. Love that statue of the bears. The shot of the hummer among the flowers is just beautiful. I like the idea of using an old boat as a planter. Gorgeous rose to finish with :-))

  4. Awesome shots, Randall! I don't remember to have ever seen any of them. Interesting wood sculpture . excellent capture of the bird ... good use of an old boat... strikingly beautiful rose...

  5. Wow - Amazing statue.

    Exquisite flower and pretty little bird

    Wonderful rose

  6. wow love them all ad like here slowly slowly they are coming

  7. Awesome captures, Randall, I also am very partial to the old boat as a planter. I have only seen that done once, up in Zimbabwe at Lion and Elephant Motel, just outside Beit Bridge. Reminding me now to have a loo to see if I did take a shot of it. The Bear sculpture is really interesting too, you humming bird just lovely ............ oh wait, this is about flowers, right? Oops, the flowers are lovely :-)