Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Picture This #241 ~ Extraordinary Weather

(Click on pics to enlarge)
Colorful trio
Bandy playing in the snow
Seeing double


  1. Hi Debby!! Great to see you taking part this week!!! Three lovely shots for Baz's theme. Love the trio of little dogs. They seem a but baffled by all this cold white stuff on the ground!! Great shot of Bandy digging in the snow. Twin sisters? They sure do look alike.

  2. I knew that was Debby. I just had to see the snow. Love those doggies in the snow, such a colourful trio. bandy looks like he is enjoying himself and the third is a very good capture.

  3. Oh those are so sweet.

    "I love to bury myself in the snow."

    "Wait! Helga has been by here - I simply gotta take a sniff."

  4. Three cool shots for this week's theme, Deb! Cute three dogs wearing colourful winter clothes... the dog in the second shot seems to have fun by playing with the the title given to the third photo which shows a good winter scene...

  5. Yes, they're twins, Mitch. I see them walking their dog in the park fairly often but had never had a chance to photograph them before.

  6. I spend so much time on FB that I'm looking for the "like" button, so that I can "like" your comments! Which I do very much, btw. Thanks for viewing and commenting.

  7. Love the top one especially Debby.

  8. well something good came out of all that snow this beautiful banner of your wonderful sweet dogs love it
    the rest are good to nut that first one wow

  9. Wonderful pictures, especially of the three dogs up top, very deserving to be a banner shot. I think New York is ready for spring.