Sunday, 16 March 2014

Picture This #242 ~ Contrast


It is something we just can't live without in our world. 




  1. Hi Randall !! Three superb photos for Belita's theme!! The stark contrast between the rock and the plant is very good. The shot of GC is fabulous. That place has so many contrasts!! Beautiful shot of the bird. Pied Woodpecker?

  2. Beautiful dash of purple in all that grey

    Majestic mountain vista.


  3. Randall, from the simplicity of the contrast in the first photo to the colour contrast in the bottom, and not disregarding the beautiful hues in the second shot, I love them all..

  4. Wow, Randall, three great shots. My favorite is the simple little cactus growing out of the rock. Appeals to my sense of Zen. Love the Grand Canyon picture and am intrigued to know the type of bird in the bottom shot, we have seen them here in Florida but are not sure what they are. I also congratulate you on capturing one; they are fast little birdies.

  5. Hi Randall! Fantastic shots! I would love a close up of that first one. It looks like a tuft of grass, but then, it looks woven, like a birds nest. How far away were you and is it on the side of a cliff?

    The second shot of the canyon is beautiful!

    The bird shot is soooooo perfect! It looks like a Hybrid Sapsucker, Benni!

  6. The first shot, I was standing 4 feet from the plant, and for the bird, it is a red neped sapsucker I think.

  7. Fantastic shots Randall, the middle one really drew me for some reason.