Saturday, 15 March 2014

Picture This #242 ~ Contrast

Thanks for hosting this week Belita with a very good theme. Now I have to search to see what I have.

They were complaining that their photo has not appeared for some time, so here is Black Nera on the left and White Fluffy on the right, although Fluffy says he is actually a blue Tabby. I think they had just had a disagreement and were not talking to each other.
Nera and Fluffy had an argument

Contrasting colours on the blinds of a house in Baselstrasse, Solothurn
House in Solothurn

Cloud contrasts over our village of Feldbrunnen
Sunset over Feldbrunnen


  1. I just love your first picture, Pat! That is such a great contrast. They are striking against the white table. The blinds on that house are very interesting and the clouds, pink and blue with the trees in black is marvelous.

  2. I just made a comment and it didn't show, hope this one does!
    Three great photos Pat but of course I love the kitties the best. Minx turns here back to me when I annoy her too. She likes to think she is the boss. lol

  3. I'm happy to have given Fluffy and Nera a chance to be photographed and shown on here, even if their mood might not have been the best between each other. Very good contrast in the second shot. Love those red and white striped shutters. In Germany, I think, they designate a hotel. Do they mean the same in Switzerland? Beautiful cloud contrasts in the third shot.

  4. Hi Pat !! Great shots for this week's theme. Good shot of Nera and Fluffy not speaking to each other. Don't often see those two in the same photo. Interesting shutters on that house, they certainly catch the eye. Beautiful cloud colours in the last shot.

  5. Beautiful image sfor the theme Pat ;)

  6. Awww, love the pic of Nera and Fluffy. LOL, they aren't mates, are they?

    Nice shutters on the house in Solothurn. I've never seen wavy stripes on shutters before.Is that common there?

    Very pretty clouds over Feldbrunnen. I just love saying the names of those towns and poetic!

  7. Both sides now (Joni Mitchell's beautiful song)

    Cool contrast

    Utterly lovely blue sky and pink clouds