Sunday, 16 March 2014

Picture This #242 ~ Contrast

 Nice theme, Belita! I enjoyed finding photos for this one...really makes you think. Thanks Mitch for using my photo as photo of the week. It's always an honor. ( and a THRILL!)

Brooklyn Academy of Music, or BAM, as we call it here. This is detail on the side of the building. 

Sunshine and Shadows ~ Prospect Park. Can you guess who this is? 

Ducks at Prospect Park


  1. I love that photo of the three colourful dogs.The first is a very interesting composition. Good shot with the shadows and love the birdie contrast.

  2. Hi Debby !!! Three great shots for this week's theme!! I love the colours, patterns and textures in that first shot!! Who is in the second shot?? Hmmm.....let me think.......could it possibly be you, Leon and Bandy?? :-)) There are some very clever ducks in Prospect has disguised itself as a Coot, the other is disguised as a Gull. LOL.

  3. lol, thanks for the clarification of the last photo, Mitch! You'll have to pardon me since my brain is not functioning properly in low blood sugar mode. I was determined to get through all of the commenting on the posts here before stopping for a finger stick and lunch.

    And of course you guessed right on the shadows! : )

    1. Yours was a good guess on my B&W self-portrait, too :-)) I've left a reply there.

  4. Thanks,Pat! I loved the little dogs in their colorful gear.

  5. Beautiful patterns

    Cool shadowplay

    "Will you shut up. Im trying to get some shuteye."

  6. Hi Deb! Love the detail that shows both straight lines and curved lines plus circles. Good capture of the shadows and sunshine. I presume you had fun playing with natural light. I see several contrasts in the third photo: black/white, in/out of water and in motion/motionless....

  7. Hi Debby. Always love your shots of New York. The patterns and colors of the first are intriguing and lovely. Great capture of the shadows in Prospect Park. My favorite is the one of the water fowl; love the black and white contrast and also the reflection of the gull.

    Did I say I adore the booties on those dogs? Great banner pic.

  8. Well done Debby. The bottom one is a real beauty.