Saturday, 1 March 2014

Picture This #240 ~ Colours Of The Rainbow

First of all thank you so much for my banner photo. I will tell the rose about her place honour as soon as she starts to blossom this year. Also thank you Marianne for hosting. Here are the photos from the Swiss Team (I, me and myself)

Let's start with a rainbow, taken in my village
Rainbow over Feldbrunnen

Even the sky over our village can be quite colourful

The flower dept. of the local supermarket is a good source for colour


  1. Stunning rainbow

    Beautiful pink cloud

    Exquisite flowers

  2. Hi Pat !! Three lovely shots for this week's theme. Great shot of the rainbow in the first photo. Did you find the pot of gold? Beautiful glow in the approaching storm clouds. Those primulas are doing an impression of a rainbow in flower-form :-))

  3. Hi Pat! Excellent choice of shots for this week's theme. Beautiful capture of the rainbow... I wonder what that industrial unit produces... pretty colour of the cloud.... lovely colour assortment of primulas...

  4. Wonderful shots, Pat, thank you for participating in my challenge. I love your rainbow, that was quite big and very strong in the colours and your evening sky is stunning too. The man is quite jealous of the Primula's one of his favourites to plant in spring. They are stunning colours and looks like nice strong plants, did you buy any? Hugs and thank you once again.

  5. Gorgeous photos, THAT"S where the pot of gold is! I've never seen a rainbow that reached all the way to the ground before.

    The flowers are beautiful!

  6. Love them Pat. I sure wish I could travel to your and Belita's places to see all of the different kinds of beauty to what we have here.

  7. hi pat lovely arc en ciel in the first shot. ciao