Sunday, 16 March 2014

Picture This #242 ~ CONTRAST

Hi all. Congrats to Debby on a wonderful image selected for the header, and a big thanks to Belita on a wonderful theme. Contrast is an area of photography I have experimented with for a long time, here are the images I have selected for the theme.

Deep in the Forest

Evening light on the trail

Ocean Glow

Girl in the Early Morning Light


  1. What shall I type? All are beautiful from the first to the last. It's obvious how much you like contrast in photography. Not easy to pick a favourite, but there is something - or shall I say many things? - on the shot of the evening light on the trail that makes it special...

  2. Hi Baz!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. I really like both of the first two shots for the colour and quality of light. I love the slight mistiness in them, particularly the second one. Great mono of the 'ocean glow'. Lovely shot of Marci looking lost in thought in the final shot.

  3. Great shots, always. It's always a thrill when you're exploring deep in the forest and you come to a clearing ablaze with sunlight. Of course I don't know how deep your forest is, but your photo has the same effect.

    Lovely photo of the trail and the green is just gorgeous!

    I love the shimmering light in your ocean shot and the pic of Marci has wonderful light and shadow. Did you use a lamp for that shot?

    1. Thank you Debby no she is sitting at a window at sunrise

  4. Great studies in light on all three photos.

  5. Mysterious and magical

    Peaceful and beautiful


  6. Wonderful images, Baz, I especially like the first one, it could be a resting place for deer - or fairies. The one of Marci is stunning.

  7. The first two are my favorites Baz.