Saturday, 8 March 2014

Picture This #214 ~ Extraordinary Weather

Thanks for hosting Baz. Will have a look what I have, but things are so boring normal in Switzerland. We always have a lot of snow, always have frozen roads and the only difference this year is that we had no snow and almost no frost.

I had to delve into my archives and found a photo I almost forgot I had. I was then a working woman and one of the girls in the office drew my attention to the view from the window, knowing I always had a camera with me, so here is the result
Rainbow in Bellach
This could almost be qualified as normal in our country. Driving home.
Baselstrasse towards Feldbrunnen
I remember this one well. I was driving home from work and the clouds began sinking over the Jura mountains. I was glad to reach home before the storm broke.
A storm is brewing over the Jura


  1. Amazing rainbow

    Beautiful serene winter shot

    Dramatic sky in the last one.

  2. Hi Pat! What a beautiful rainbow you have captured. I love the feel of your village in the snow and the foreboding atmosphere of the clouds over the Jura.

  3. Hi Pat !!! Three great shots for Baz's theme. Lovely rainbow in the first shot. Yes, the second shot is pretty much how I'd imagine winter in Switzerland. Love the drama of the heavy clouds over the Jura.

  4. Great shots Pat I really like the last one a real sense of foreboding ;)

  5. I like the three shots but the photo of your town in the snow is really beautiful...

  6. Brilliant shots Pat. I really like the storm one the best. :)

  7. Wonderful shots, Pat! I love the snowy lane.