Monday, 31 March 2014

Picture This #244 ~ Birds

Birds against a winter sky
I believe this is a Green Heron. Prospect Park, Lullwater
Heron, Near the Audubon House, Prospect Park.


  1. Have you changed the rules, Mitch? Are we supposed to be posting 4 photos or 3? I'm confused. The rules say 3.

    Great theme. I'm always thrilled with bird shots. My camera doesn't do a great job of long distance shots, so it can be hard to get a good one.

  2. oh, sorry if these are too big...have to get used to the new's annoying now, isn't it? I'll cahnge the size if they are too big.

  3. All of them are awesome shots. Love them!

  4. Wonderful - a gathering of buddies

    Beautiful shots of the herons

  5. Hi, Debby, as I have said, your pictures make New York seem like a pastoral paradise. Love them. The birds against a winter sky is beautiful. Perhaps the middle picture is a juvenile black crested night heron, totally not sure. Magnificent shot of the blue heron.

  6. Hi Debby!! Wonderful photos for this week's theme. Love that first shot, nature creates a natural B&W silhouette. You did really well with the second shot, it's not easy to get focus on a subject that's behind other objects. I like the third shot best. The Great Blue is my fave bird of all, and you've captured a beautiful specimen!!

    Sorry for the confusion over numbers. The rules do say three shots per theme, but I don't always enforce it, due to the small number of folks who take part in this group. I leave it up to the guest-host each week if they want to keep it at three or add one or two more.

    No need to change the sizes of these photos, they haven't gone over the edges onto the right-rail or stretched the page, so they're ok :-))

  7. Wonderful shots, as Benni points out, hard to belive you live in New York , a fest for a Birdlovers eye for sure.

    I tend to lean towards Striated Heron in the second shot, the size and markings seem right, but not a native bird to South Africa, so what do I know? LOL *HUGS*

  8. Thanks for the views and comments on the photos and for the update of the rules. I think letting us get away with an extra photo is NICE. ;)

    Thanks, Marianne. I'll take a look at the Google images of the Striated Heron.

  9. Hi Deb! Three awesome shots for Mitch's theme... Love the silhouettes of that family or perhaps just friends.... That bird is nicely framed by nature in the second .... Imposing heron in the third shot, my favourite...

  10. Three exqusit shots Debby I would have any of them on m,y wall ;)