Sunday, 23 March 2014

Picture This #243 ~ Flower Power

Wonderful theme I just resized my photos so I could join in.

#1  photo photosue640_zps7dbcc390.jpg

#2  photo DSC05017_zps2ecb8949.jpg

   photo P1050264_zps5c06c92d.jpg 

 I don't know the name of any of the flowers. Sorry.


  1. Be back to comment after church.

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for giving me the good opportunity to see your always awesome shots. You don't know the name of the flowers.... neither do I! No need to know the names to let you know how I like the #1 and that colour, the droplets in #2 and that bunch of yellow pompoms...

  3. Hi Susan, just marvelous pictures. I agree one doesn't need to know the name to see the beauty, but I think the top is wild phlox. That's also my favorite of your pictures with the wonderful effect (whose name escapes me now).

  4. Beautiful photos, Sue! I adore all three of them! ( I don't know the names either) I have a shot like the middle flower, too. I fell in love with that one at the Botanical Garden. I love the raindrops on that one.

    I love the softness of that first one, so I think that one is my favorite!

  5. Hi Sue!! Great to see you taking part this week!! Three wonderful shots for the theme. I think Benni is correct in saying the flowers in the first shot are wild Phlox. I know the flower in the second shot is Gazania, one of my fave flowers!! I really like your shot of it. I don't know the name of the third one, but it's another really good one!!

  6. hi sue, cool pics of cool flowers

  7. Sweet little flowers

    Stunning purple and white bloom

    Cute little yellow bulbs

  8. Wonderful shots, Sue, great to see you over here. :-)

    I have no idea of names of flowers either. If you cannot eat it, I don't know , unless an easy identifiable rose or something *wink*

    As far as I know the pom pom is a weed? Here we have an alien invader brought in from South America in the 1800's with fodder for the British Army. It is given the farmers and conservationists great trouble as taking over and literally eradicating grasslands and velds.

    They now have brought in beetle which apparently should be able to bore into the stems and eradicate the plants. There was a programme on recently on 50/50 local conservation channel, very interesting.