Saturday, 8 March 2014

Picture This #241 ~ Extraordinary Weather

Hi all bAZ here!!

Mitch kindly invited me to Host again this week, a task I gladly accepted, so here we are again ready for another challenge!!

I dont think there are many of us that have not had some sort of extremes in weather conditions over the last few months. It seems like around the whole planet there there are few places not touched by unusual weather, so my theme this week is  "Extraordinary Weather", this can include the whole spectrum of weather conditions from unusually good weather to the most extreme conditions. 

I feel sure that many of you have captured some extraordinary events over the Winter here in the North and the Summer in the South!! If you don't have any from this past winter, then any from your archive will be ok.

Here are a few shots I have captured in the Winter storms here in England.

Have fun with this and have a wonderful weekend ;)

So it begins! First big Flood at Ringwood Hampshire Just after Christmas.

The Reflecting Pool frozen solid in the early morning Light January 2014.

Coming of the Storm, the last big storm heading east and on the horizon, I stayed as long as was safe but the wind picked up to a point where it was hard to stand up and it was time to go!!

After the storm, Somewhere..................

A final thought that I consider myself very lucky to have come through this winter virtually unscathed. 

Thousands of people in Britain have been flooded out and many are still under water and I know in America the country has experienced drought in the west and the most extreme cold on the eastern seaboard!!


  1. oh wow all are so wonderful
    great theme baz

  2. Congratulations to Heidi with her lovely rainbow colour capture of a bunch of lavender sachets, they do indeed give off a wondrous aroma. *sniff* *snifff* Yep, can smell them right down here. :-)

    Wonderful captures of your strange winter weather patterns, Baz. Was that pond frozen enough to skate on ;-)

    Love your rainbow too and the sea whipping up in the coming storm. The big flood looks so peaceful though but I imagine it is fields that are underwater?

    I doubt whether I really have anything special for this one, we had no snow this year, our summer was uneventful except for a lot of rain and have no pics of that, I think, but I will look and be back later or on Monday, have guests this weekend so a bit busy.

    Have fun everyone.

  3. The two first shots are truly serene and beautiful

    A foreboding and dramatic sky

    Exquisite rainbow.

  4. Hi Baz!! Thanks for hosting the challenge!! I didn't take any photos of the winter storms this year....mainly because they involved torrential rain. Your shots are all fantastic. The beautiful blues in the first shot belie the devastating effects the floods had in some areas. The frozen reflection pool is has a stark beauty to it. Really dramatic storm clouds in the third shot. Your last shot is just stunning.

    1. Thanks for asking Mitch and thanks for your kind comments ;)

  5. Hi, Baz, what a terrific theme! Our landlords here in Florida live in Wales much of the year and they were talking about the non-stop rain and flooding which you have captured so well. The storm picture is great, I know that feeling of wanting to stay out and see it or photograph it until my common sense takes over. Your double rainbow is stunning.

  6. England really had its fair share of freak weather this winter. Four very good captures showing all aspects. Funnily we had absolutely no extreme weather conditions in Switzerland this year, if having out of normal warmer temperatures and no snow counts.

    1. Thanks Pat I am glad it was good somewhere LOL ;)

  7. Hi Baz! I would never have thought of such a theme so I congratulate you for your choice! Again, this week your four photos would make awesome one-of-a-kind cards...

  8. I should have known that if anyone could get TWO rainbows in one shot it would be you Baz. They are all brilliant shooting too. :)

  9. Wonderful shots, Baz! Gorgeous rainbow!