Saturday, 22 March 2014

PT CCXLIV ~ Flower Power

Thanks for using my cloud shot as a banner.

Bleeding Heart, photographed at a visit to the Sofiero Castle Garden.


Tulip, photographed at the same occasion.

This pink rose grows near the wall of our cottage.


  1. Hi Anders, congrats on the header and also on 3 beautiful captures for the theme, I see Spring already but they make me dream of Summer ;)

  2. Hi Anders!! Three great shots for Debby's theme. I like the 'Bleeding Hearts' and also the Hosta leaves just below them. The tulip in the second shot is beautiful!! I do prefer those varigated varieties to the single-colour ones. The rose shot is so reminiscent of warm summer days :-))

  3. I love the bleeding hearts, Anders. We have those here at the BBG, also. That's a lovely shot.

    The variegated pink tulip is so pretty. Love those deep purple ones, too!

    How wonderful to have that beautiful pink rose growing right there at your cottage year after year.

  4. All shots r mesmerizing. Great shots.

  5. Lovely, lovely shots, Anders! Although the first shot is titled 'bleeding hearts' they look as if they were bending by the weight of love... of course, this is my favourite!

  6. hej hej anders, very cool pics.

  7. Wonderful pictures, Anders, especially the top one. So lush. It is funny that half a world away, my Bleeding Hearts have the same little blue flowers growing along side as yours. The rose is a study in contrasts. Beautiful.

  8. HI Anders, I have looked on my email as the entries came in, but never enough chance to actually leave a proper comment on the site, so my apologies.

    Congratulations with your great banner of Contrast firstly and second a wow to all your lovely flower captures.

    1. Thanks dear Marianne. No need to apologise.