Saturday, 29 March 2014

Picture This #243 ~ Flower Power

I simply love the Contrast of Sky and Clouds and Dark and Light , Anders. Well done. 

The power of flowers to make people smile is known all over the world. 

You give flowers for Birthdays for Valentines Day and Illness or to cheer yourself up, you buy a bouquet or a pot.

We grow them in our gardens, the different varieties heralding the seasons changing too.

Here is mine for Debby's lovely Theme.





The saying goes better late than never, still sincere apologies for always being late. 
We had no Internet most of yesterday and Friday's are as a norm my more quiet day in the office, so great irritation and disappointment, when all telephones and Internet went out for "routine service" at 10 am and only got back later that evening.

Seems I was lucky enough to get in before the  new theme. 

See you all later, have a wonderful weekend



  1. Stunning reds and yellows in the first.

    Sweet pink petals

    Beautiful tulip

    Very peculiar but beautiful.

  2. Hi Marianne!!! Good job it's me hosting this week, gave you a chance to post before I put up the new theme!! They are all beautiful shots, but if I had to pick a favourite, I'd go for the tulips :-))

    1. Thank you Mitch, I was so relived when I went in and saw that no one had posted yet, that I simply quickly posted title and one sentence and published, then had a whole leisurely 3 hours to post before you woke up on top of it.

      It often happens, that I have everything ready to post from Flicr, even on a Friday and then someone post early from their part of the world, guess my luck were with me today.

  3. Beautiful flowers, Marianne. I love the way you have them displayed. The first one looks like snapdragons. Are they?

    I love the globe of pink flowers.

    The tulips are gorgeous.

    That last flower we have here in Brooklyn, in the warm Temperate Pavilion at BBG. I think that shot is my favorite.

    1. I was once playing with frames and had them all ready in one of my albums, seeing no flowers really survived all our rain and our winter displays are not out yet.

      Yes Snapdragons, Hydrangea, Tulip and the last one is Red Hot Poker, which is part of the Aloe family.

      Thank you Debby *smile*