Monday, 31 March 2014

Picture This #244 ~ Birds

Birds, here and there. Looking up, they're everywhere. Spring time for sure around here. 






  1. Hi Randall!! Great shots for this week's theme!! The little guy in the first shot looks a bit wary. What kind of bird is he? Lovely shot of the duck gliding past. The shot of the egret in flight is superb!! The bird in the last shot really blends in well with his surroundings!!

  2. That is one of the robins in the first shot. I couldn't help taking his picture. I had walked out to shoot a couple doves for the rule of thirds. This robin was standing in the grass and not moving as I walked by. Kind of like it thought

  3. Cute little bird

    Serene shot of the "duck",.

    Beautiful Ibis

    Well camouflaged.

  4. Hi Randall, great shots. Is this the same robin that was pulling up the worm? They will be starting to come up here. I love the duck on water smooth as glass and the bird on the rock. That white heron, though, wow, a great capture, with the sun through her wings, fantastic!!

  5. No not the same one. We have so many around here right now. Like a love feast going on.

  6. Birdman! You never disappoint! I love them all. I've never seen so may robins before as I have today in Prospect Park, but I didn't take any pictures of them. That's a really great closeup. it almost looks as if the robin is posing for you.

    Pretty duck and reflections.

    The egret is my favorite. Just wow!

    The little guy in the last shot. Do you know anything about his habits?

  7. Superb shots, as always! Love that egret, my favourite...

  8. Four lovely shots Randall I knew they were yours before I saw your name ;)