Saturday, 3 October 2015

Picture This #322 ~ Reflections

Hi everyone, this is Mitch and I'll be hosting this week. Sorry we had a break last week but I didn't think we'd have enough participants to make it worthwhile. I know at least one of our regulars (Belita) will be away for several weeks, but I think everyone else is back now. This week's theme is REFLECTIONS. I thought maybe we'd done this one before recently, but when I checked the Picture This Flickr account, I saw that we haven't done this theme in a LONG time!!

Here are mine:

1) Perspective Reflection. A shot I took just the week before last while visiting Baz. It's already one of my own favourites.
Perspective Reflection 1

2) Fuzzy Fotographer. A sort of 'selfie', taken at the visitor's centre of the Hoover Dam. The distortion is not due to camera shake, but in the odd reflective nature of the curved mirrored glass. 
Fuzzy Fotographer 1

3) Riverside Reflection. Taken on a very still December day back in 2008.
Riverside Reflection

4) Reedflections. Another favourite of mine, the trick is to photograph the base of the reed stalks in good reflective light, but preferrably when there's some motion in the water so it breaks up the reflection slightly. 
Reedflection 3


  1. hi made over okay and have my own puter from daughter actually her older Mac but all is working --
    love your theme

  2. The first one has such a clear reflection in the water, profi Mitch at his best. Your "selfie" is very original and I like the lighting. the third is like to photos of the same tree and the last is another very good gifted photo.

  3. Hi Mitch! Amazing first picture, water clear as glass and magnificent colors. Cool shot in the curvy glass, and wonderful peace in the pond shot. Love the curve of the tree reflected there. And the reeds, one of my all time faves.

  4. Utterly lovely and serene pond and terrific reflection of the trees.


    Utterly beautiful and peaceful

    Beautiful curvy waves