Friday, 30 October 2015

Picture This #326 ~ Still Life With A Difference

Hi everyone - Pat calling from Switzerland with this week's Picture This. I thought let's do some still life, I mean it doesn't have to be dead, just perhaps not breathing - an opportunity to show your artistic flare (or not).

I was recovering from a golden oldie midday sleep and noticed the sun shining through the blinds in the bedroom - so here is my No. 1 fresh from today


I went for a walk yesterday and saw these rose hips as the Autumn remains of the rose.
Rose hips

The sugar beets have now been harvested in our part of the world and are waiting to be picked up by the truck from the refinery. There are piles of them on most of the fields.
Sugar beets

And my last - this chicken is dead, stuffed, not alive, and was very still when I saw him for an advertising campaign at the local supermarket.
Chicken in supermarket


  1. I'll be back, but wow, that first picture is smashing.

  2. Excellent selection of images for the excellent choice of theme. From the top to the bottom pictures, I love them all, though the top one is my favourite for the simplicity of the composition, the light and the contrast between the vertical lines of the chair back and the horizontal ones of the shutters....

  3. Hi Pat! Great theme. As I said before, your first picture is excellent. The lines, the light, the simple yet powerful composition. I love it. Very nice rose hips, a farewell to summer. Nice pile of sugar beets; we grow them in Michigan as well. And what an adorable chicken! I hope he brought in some customers.

  4. Film Noir

    Lovely wildroses

    Beets me!

    "Sometimes I stands and thinks and sometimes I jest stands."

  5. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme!! Looks like we'll get some great entries. That first shot of yours is just stunning. I love the lines, patterns, textures, light.....awesome!! Lovely shot of the rose-hips. Got lots of those round here, too. Glad you told us that they were beets in the third photo, I would have guessed potatoes!! Cool funky chicken!!

  6. Hi Pat a wonderful theme and love all your shots--I will flying home on Sunday so my last fling on this side of the pond