Saturday, 10 October 2015

Picture This #332 ~ People

First of all on behalf of dad I would like to thankyou for the banner photo. He does not have a computer, but I am sure he would be thrilled if he saw that he was photo of the week.

I did actually do a few people shots when I was in London. I do not do them very often as I am a bit careful with who and where I shoot.

Lately I discovered the advantages of having an iPhone. I got myself a new edition, No. 6. I blog a lot and found that if I take a photo I can immediately upload it to Flickr from my phone and it goes quicker. Anyhow Mr. Swiss and son No. 1 were shifting our TV cupboard as Mr. Swiss had to do something to the electric plug behind it and I was snapping away. Here is one of the iPhone photos.

Men at work

Here he is again, my dad. I sort of did this when he wasn't looking. I think I had aspirations as a famous portrait phototographer - it is supposed to be dad and not the queen looking at him from the window ledge.
London 2015

And here is the man of my life, waiting for the train. Not really, it was one of those occasions when I was travelling and he was waiting for the train to arrive.

Ok, not a selfie, Mr. Swiss took it, but here you see the photographer at work in the wilds of Switzerland
Image 19.08.15 at 19.24


  1. Wonderful portrait of you father and the blue curtain. Great lighting on his face and overall contemplative mood. Love the shot of you in the wilds of Switzerland.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great photos for Heidi's theme. That TV cupboard certainly has had a lot of attention recently!! A lovely shot of your dad, looking deep in thought, perhaps contemplating highlights of a wonderfully long life. Mr Swiss also looks deep in thought!! The final shot is how I always imagine you to be......semi-permanently with camera in hand!!