Saturday, 3 October 2015

Picture This #322 ~ Reflections

Some really great pictures so far, I have enjoyed looking at them. Perfect shot for the banner, what an expressive capture from Belita! Here are mine:


Egret reflected in the Lemon Bay River. I egret that the water was not calmer.

Reflection of palms

Palms reflected in rainwater.


The recent lunar eclipse. Had a discussion with Tom about whether this is a reflection or a shadow. I went with part shadow, part reflection. It is hiding behind the sycamore tree.


  1. Love your photos. The first showing the egret is a great composition and the palm reflection is really interesting. I though they were swans first of all. I never saw the eclipse, lazy me, but you have got a good shot of it.

  2. Hi Benni!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. Love the Egret hiding in the lower branches and his reflection in the river. Great shot of the palms. Rainwater? Must have been Florida rain!! Beautiful shot of the lunar eclipse.

  3. Isn't that banner just soo great it has it all reflection in glasses and as we age we get more reflective wonderful

    love your shots