Saturday, 17 October 2015

Picture This #324 ~ One Two Three

Thanks for hosting Anders and congratulations on the banner photo Mitch. It seems to me that our numbers are dwindling week by week - shame it is the only photo site that I partake in.

Here we have one Tabby cat peeping out of the bed cover and astonished to find a human with a camera.

Tabby in bed

Two objects, my computer and my iPhone.

I thought that three things would be most difficult, but I found 3 sparrows in my garden being looked after by King Frog. Actually I was lucky, the sparrows discovered there are grass seeds in the garden and usually they arrive in tribes.

And here is an extra. 3 very old typewriters outside a local restaurant.
Typewriters Pintli Feldbrunnen


  1. Utterly wonderful photo of your cat.

    Indeed two objects of the modern time

    Cute frog and little sparrows

    Surely the epythome of the olden times.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for this week's theme. Love the shot of Tabby, she look totally surprised!! Wonderful hi-tech toys in the second shot. Those cheeky sparrows are going to leave you with no new grass at this rate!! Cool shot of the old typewriters.

  3. hi Pat I love them all especially the 3 sparrows cool