Saturday, 17 October 2015

Picture This #324 ~ One Two Three

 photo 10bdb08f-9e9b-404b-9a3a-0acecdcade44_zpsofcznmlm.jpg

 photo e9a9efd0-d780-4442-ad43-2c68e3b485f0_zpsfvyv2h9f.jpg

 photo 45c93770-c621-477d-b17f-d6bc6668d042_zpsckdttyvu.jpg

 photo f25b4d1b-ff24-4c52-a958-f957640a7941_zpsztvp4l3t.jpg

 photo b7b54cbf-8b86-4d18-85c5-525d3e1753bd_zpsy9xwtqme.jpg


  1. Hi Nik!!! Great to see you taking part this week!! I like how you've gone for 'three' in every shot. I really like the mortar & pestles in the first pic. Interesting second shot....the symbol on either side of the doorway has a resemblance to the Nazi symbol, but obviously it has a much different meaning here. Lovely pic of the kids playing. What are the guys cooking in those large pans? Nice tomatoes to finish with.

    1. The guy is frying either a sweet dish called Imarti or Jalebi. Once fried, it is soaked in a sugar syrup for a few moment

  2. A good shot of the tomatoes, they look very tempting. Good two-coloured pot composition. Love the two photos of the children I believe the swastika sign in India has more a good luck meaning than the one we have understood. The three men look quite involved in their cooking talk.