Saturday, 31 October 2015

Picture This #326 ~ Still Life With A Difference

Great theme, Pat, I have a new shot and a couple of older shots.

Leaves reflected
Leaves reflected in a window.

Farmers' Market
Eggplant at the farmers' market.

Pink vase behind curtains.


  1. The leaf reflection is very artistic and a very good shot. Lovely contrasts with the aubergines, markets can be works of art. The vase behind the curtain has a sort of twilight zone touch.

  2. Hi Benni! I see a stunning shot at the top, a nice composition in the middle and an artistic image at the bottom.

  3. Beautiful maple leaves and eggplants and lacecurtain

  4. Hi Benni !! Glad you're able to fully participate again. Hope you're feeling somewhat better now. Love that first shot, the glow of the sunlight through the leaves, and then the counterpoint of other leaves reflected in the window. Nice contrast between the standard purple aubergines and the varigated ones. Lovely silhouette through the curtain!!