Saturday, 24 October 2015

Picture This #325 ~ Autumn

Hi everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be hosting the challenge this week. Well, summer is well and truly gone (was it ever here, I ask?), and the leaves are falling, so the theme has to be: AUTUMN!!! Let's see your best shots that show this season at it's best!!

Here are mine:

1) Autumn Gold
Golden Leaves 1

2) Fly Agaric
Fly Agaric 3

3) Autumn Red
Russet 1

4) Autumn Tranquility
Perspective Reflection 1

5) Autumn Rain
Wetland Rains 1


  1. Beautiful golden leaves, leathal mushroom, peaceful pond and serene marshes.¨

  2. I just love that mushroom - oh I could write a story with that as a centerpiece. Lovely Autumn leaves, the most rewarding time of the year for a camera. The reflections in the water are a picture and love the wet lands (Welsh swamps?)

  3. wow Mitch these are so cool especially love mushrooms

  4. Gorgeous shots, Mitch, I am most fascinated by the Fly Agaric mushroom om the forest floor. Fabulous detail. I also like the autumn rain, mournful yet we need the wetlands. A fine place for a duck or frog.